Mexico and South American Tour (2022) SID Signed Tour Style Slip Mats

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New style for Slipknot Mexico and South American Tour Winter 2022! Gray Chapter Era Art Slip Mats signed by SID! (2 color ways!)

No it's not a Christmas color way! That's SID's family tartan design! He wanted to pay homage to his Scottish ancestry and the result is one half of this crazy slip mat combo pack!

You've got a million to one chance of grabbing a slip mat SID tosses out after the show on tour...

Your odds of grabbing one of these is much better!

This is the style of slip mat SID is now using on tour, with artwork of his original Gray Chapter era mask by Trashbag Ghost.

These are not stage used, but they came from the same stock SID packed up to hit the road on tour with for Mexico and South America 2022 dates!