Gen. 1 Mutant Clone Display Mask 1/1 WHITE

Gen. 1 Mutant Clone Display Mask 1/1 WHITE

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Gen 1. Mutant Clone Display Mask 1/1 WHITE Variant.

Based on Trashbag Ghost's Mutant Clone Artwork of SID's Self Titled Gas Mask from SID's Savage Mask Mutation series.

1 produced. Numbered 0/0.

Mask by Joshua Everetts & Bishop Walker through Paleface & Co.

The user of this mask assumes all responsibility.
This Mask is not a toy nor is it reccomended for children.
Use extreme caution if you choose to wear this mask and under no circumstances wear it while operating machinery or a vehicle, while crossing the street or walking up or down stairs.
This mask is intended for display purposes only.