Limited Edition Collectible Pin (XL)

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This big collectible pin can be summed up in three numbers.


1000 of these pins were minted and mounted on numbered cards(0001/1000, 0002/1000, etc). That number is also found engraved on the back as well as an embossed SID gas mask logo.

2" wide extra large pin. This is monster sized, as most pins are ~1"

7 colors (Good luck finding the 7th color! It's just a dash of color, but very important!)

Featuring the album artwork from SID's latest album Sexcapades of the Hopeless Robotic, this glossy 7 color 2" pin is engraved with it's series number and mounted on a cardback and comes with 2 neon blue rubber pin backs.

Note: Numbered pins are distributed at random and no # can be requested.