SID's Lighter Bro (Multi Tool)

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The world's only multi-tool that shoots flame!

SID trusts his lighter bro for all manner of tasks around the house and in the field.

TRANSFORM YOUR LIGHTER INTO A MULTITOOL MASTERPIECE: Our durable and reusable metal lighter case is made from 100% 420 stainless steel, heat-treated, and nearly indestructible. Features 7 tools plus fire in 1 multitool: knife, poker, scissors, bottle opener, two screwdrivers, key ring.
FITS BOTH BIC AND CLIPPER LIGHTERS SEAMLESSLY: Save the time, space, headache, and hassle of finding small individual tools for the job - Our insert allows you to transform your fire starter into a small toolkit designed to seamlessly fit CLIPPER and BIC lighters. Upgrade your igniter so that you always have the tool you need at hand!
IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES: Our multi-tool lighter case is great for partying, barbecuing, fishing, camping, everyday use, wilderness survival, sun glass repair, skateboarding, tinkering, hunting, boating, and more. Moreover, despite being jam-packed with a wide variety of useful and handy tools, our case stays compact and non-bulky so that your lighter remains convenient and easy to fit in your pockets, backpacks, or bags.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Our riveted stainless steel lighter sleeve is terrific for the outdoorsman, the smoker, or anyone who likes having several tools all in one device. Expertly made using the finest quality materials available, our metal lighters case is built for year after year of convenient, functional use.
YOUR ON-THE-GO FIXING GADGET: Whether you're on an adventure, at home or in the city, you'll love bringing our cool pocket lighter case along with you on all your adventures. Need to adjust your glasses while out shopping? No problem! Need to cut some rope while out camping? No problem! The possibilities are truly endless.
A PRODUCT YOU CAN COUNT ON: We at LighterBro recognize that life today is not quite as easy and simple as it once was. Today there are so many choices, so much new technology, and everything is so expensive. Life today is more complicated than ever! That's why we are doing our best to change things by making simple, reliable, high-quality products that merge some of man’s best inventions into one great unifying product, the patented LighterBro multi-tool.
CLEVER DESIGN: All of our products are engineered to the highest quality standards, using 3D modeling and advanced computer testing software and manufactured using nothing but the highest quality materials available for the specific application, which then undergo multiple sophisticated metallurgy processes to increase durability.
A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: All our multi-tools are built to last, assembled completely using rivets so there are never any screws to come loose, and always constructed using 100% stainless steel alloys for ultimate corrosion resistance. Our goal is not only to impress you with the high quality, style, convenience, and simplicity of our product, but also to truly impress you by how affordable that high quality, style, and convenience is, so everyone can easily afford to live life a little LighterBro