The Definitive SID Mask History Series: Brushed Alloy Jumbo-Sticker Issue #0. 1999. (As Seen in Nero Forte Video)

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This sticker is metal.

No, it's literally metal. These gigantic stickers are printed on a brushed alloy substrate that gives it a strong, silver and eye-catching appearance. Think a fancy refrigerator door.

Speaking of refrigerators, these things are BIG.

Clocking in at a towering 5"+ tall, these things are bigger than most people's palms (go ahead, measure!)

This is a special mask, so it deserved to be made of something special.... before you slap it wherever you slap it, then it's in your hands. It's one glorious looking sticker!

You can always grab one, but we offer the 2-pack for those that know they're gonna put one in a place of honor, and ride the other one into the ground! Stick it on your ceiling and let Sid stare at you while you drift to sleep. On second thought....maybe not...