"The Solo" (SID mid-air) Sticker 3 Pack

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*Record scratch* *Freeze frame*

SID: Yep, that's me, 20 feet in the air. You're probably wondering how I ended up here...

Jumping off the page of the Definitive SID Mask History Series Prints comes the "SOLO" sticker 3 pack. Why's it called "the SOLO" you ask? Well, don't ask here, go ask SID on Instagram or something!

3 pack includes 3 colorways (black/ red / white) with the option for double the fun with a double 3 pack.

✨10 random fans who order any quantity of "the SOLO" sticker pack before the end of September 2019 will receive a GOLDEN SOLO. Only 10 will be produced and they're all going out to random lucky fans!✨

4" from gas-mask to sneaker and super glossy.